Web Space
HelioHost offers 500 megabytes of web space with each of its hosting accounts. This figure combines your stored files and your databases. 500 megabytes should be more than enough to handle any forum, blog, or other script you might need to host. Sites that might encounter problems with this limit include photo galleries with high-megapixel images or online storage sites. In general, this limit should not be a problem to the great majority of free hosting users.

File Management
HelioHost offers three options for file management: FTP access, WebDAV, and an advanced File Manager built into your control panel. We allow each user to setup unlimited FTP accounts. Since FTP accounts place no burden on our server, we see no reason to restrict them. Our File Manager includes a code editor with syntax highlighting and countless other features.

HelioHost does not meter its users' bandwidth consumption. This is in essence "unlimited bandwidth". However, please note that if you start pushing in huge amounts of traffic you will undoubtedly push your limits on resources we do meter, such as CPU usage.

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