HelioHost is the only exclusively free host we know of that owns its own hardware. Most hosts these days rent dedicated servers for their customers, but HelioHost actually owns both of our physical servers Stevie, and Charlie. Thanks to a generous offer from L.I.S. Colocation, we are able to host Stevie and Charlie at the Hurricane Electric facility in Fremont, California. Hurricane Electric is ranked number one in reliability among datacenters, and is ranked among the top ten facilities in terms of bandwidth connectivity. Stevie is a quad-core rackmount server with eight gigabytes of RAM and an entire terabyte of disk space.

Apache is the most popular web server software for a reason. It has consistently been proven to be a reliable yet powerful solution for web hosting, and as a consequence is utilized by approximately 60% of the web. HelioHost employs Apache 2.2.29 (2.2.16 on Stevie) for its performance improvements as well as for its multi-processing modules. Installed Apache modules at HelioHost include FCGID, Frontpage, Include (SSI), Headers, Rewrite, and suPHP. Apache

cPanel 11 is the industry-leading control panel for web hosting. With tools to manage FTP, email, and databases as well as file managers and statistics software, cPanel is equipped to completely handle all hosting account management you may need to do. Not only is cPanel easy to use with video tutorials and wizards for common tasks, but it is also extremely powerful. With 70 tools built into an organized Web 2.0 interface, you will be able to accomplish any webmaster tasks in just a couple of minutes. Once you use cPanel, you won't be able to go back. cPanel

Softaculous is an automated script installation tool that is gaining popularity in the web hosting industry. With the option to install over 150 open source scripts in just three clicks, Softaculous greatly simplifies a webmaster's job. Supported scripts include WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, and MediaWiki. Softaculous


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