Java is among the most powerful programming languages available for application development on the Internet. It is the language of choice for application servers to expose business logic and is very commonly employed in enterprise environments. As a result, it is nearly impossible to find Java servlet and JSP support on shared hosting, let alone on free hosting. To date, HelioHost is the only free host we know of offering Java servlet and JSP support.

Java/JSP is only available on our Johnny server, so if you want to use it you'll have to create your account on Johnny not Stevie during server selection.

Java Runtime 1.6.0_29-b11
Tomcat Server 7.0.32
Tomcat server piped to Apache through mod_jk

Libraries, extensions, and configuration options


  • JSP 2.0 support
    We offer support for JSP version 2.0. JSP greatly simplifies web development in comparison to the older Java Servlet framework, while retaining all Servlet functionality.
  • Java Servlet 2.4 support
    Java servlets are essentially Java applications with supplied I/O streams that are integrated with web servers. This allows development of a fully-featured Java applications for the internet.

Need shell? Try Bluehost.


  • Shell access
    We don't offer shell (command line) access to our users. Many Java servlet tutorials and installation instructions assume that users have command line access, which may make working with Ruby more difficult. Most people tend to develop on their home computer and then upload to their web server, which almost negates the need for this feature. Furthermore, most configuration done through the command line can be done through other methods, such as FTP and manual file editing.
  • Automatic activation
    Because JSP pages and Java Servlets are extremely resource-heavy applications, we require every user to individually request Java support for their account. This is a simple one-time process and helps us keep our server load in check. For more information on the process and required information, see the link in the section below.
How do I use Java?
For learning JSP, we recommend Deepak Kumar's tutorial. Once you have Java support enabled on your account, use is very easy. The JSP processor will process all .jsp pages, and similarly the Java Servlet processor is configured to process all associated extensions by default. To request Java support for your account, you must sign up on Johnny. After you sign up, you will have to manually request activation. Follow the directions at the top of this HelioNet support subforum to activate it.

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