One of HelioHost's most unique offerings is ASP.NET. This feature is almost impossible to find on free hosts, but we have it on the Johnny server. So, how do we manage to get a proprietary technology like ASP.NET working on a Linux/Apache configuration? The answer is The Mono Project, an open source implementation of the .NET Framework. Using the Apache extension mod_mono, we are able to pipe ASP.NET requests to our local Mono server.

What's the downside? Our implementation is slightly incomplete, and a bit slow at times. But we are one of the free Linux/Apache webhosts out there that actually offer ASP.NET 3.5 along with compatibility with both the Visual C# and Visual BASIC programming languages.

ASP.NET is only available on our Johnny server, so if you want to use it you'll have to create your account on Johnny not Stevie during server selection.
The Mono Project


Mono 2.6.7 emulating ASP.NET 3.5
Mono XSP server piped to Apache through mod_mono

Libraries, extensions, and configuration options
Please visit this page for complete details on classes and namespaces missing in our .NET Framework implementation.


  • ASP.NET 3.5
    ASP.NET 3.5 offers many improvements over previous frameworks. See this Wikipedia article for more information.
  • Visual C#
    Our implementation is 100% compatible with C# 3.0.
  • Visual BASIC
    We are unique in offering Visual BASIC as an alternative to C#. Our implementaton of Visual BASIC is almost complete - there may be some bugs, but for the most part you are safe.
  • libgdiplus
    A new feature! This library is neccessary for drawing some form elements, and is an extremely rare offering among Mono providers because it requires additional setup.
  • MySQL Connector/NET
    This is a driver for connecting to MySQL. We also offer a DbProviderFactory hook for DataGrid usage.
  • Npgsql
    This is a driver for connecting to PostgreSQL. We also offer a DbProviderFactory hook for DataGrid usage.
  • .NET Framework
    We offer a near-complete implementation of the .NET Framework 3.5 class library. However, we are missing WPF and WF, and have limited support for WCF and LINQ to SQL. See here for more details on our available libraries.


  • Webparts
    Webparts is a major feature we are missing in our ASP.NET implementation.
  • Classic ASP
    ASP.NET breaks compatibility with most classic ASP applications. However, it is usually pretty easy to port an ASP script - see this video tutorial or this guide.
How do I use ASP.NET?
A good guide for learning ASP.NET is Microsoft's official Learn ASP.NET website. Our ASP.NET implementation is surprisingly simple to work with. Our interpreter behaves just like Microsoft's official one - it parses .aspx files, can work with code in the file or through code-behinds, uses web.config, etc. Pretend you're working on IIS... just with a few bugs.

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