HelioHost offers many scripting languages to choose from. Check out some of the following:
  • PHP

    We offer professional-level PHP 5 hosting with safe-mode disabled. Installed libraries include cURL, GD, Sockets, XML RPC, and many more! Our community includes knowledgable PHP experts that can help you with your scripting problems. More...
  • PHP

    We are one of the very few free webhosts on the web to offer ASP.NET 2.0 scripting with our free hosting package. We use the Mono Project to provide this service, and our installation is compatible with both the C# and Visual BASIC programming languages. More...
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails is a revolutionary new web development framework based on the Ruby programming language. This framework allows easy Web 2.0 application development through extensive prebuilt libraries and highly recyclable code. More...
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python & Django

    Python is a popular scripting language that offers a comprehensive library of functions to allow programmers to focus on design. We also offer the Django framework built on top of Python for powerful web application development. More...
  • Python
  • Java

    Java is among the most powerful programming languages available for application development on the Internet. As a result, it is nearly impossible to find Java servlet and JSP support on shared hosting, let alone on free hosting. To date, HelioHost is the only free host we know of offering Java servlet and JSP support. More...
  • JavaServer Pages
  • Perl

    HelioHost offers compatibility with the latest Perl 5 programming language. Perl is one of the most popular programming languages for web development, and offers powerful string processing capabilities. More...
  • Perl
  • SSI

    Server Side Includes are simple tags that can be placed in HTML to copy in other html files and results from CGI executions, as well as a few other features. More...

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