Back Online
The servers are now all located in Heliohost's new cabinet, and the extended server maintenance is complete. Charlie and Cody are back online, and Johnny will soon be online and fully functional as well. Our sincerest apologies on the length of the downtime. We had hoped to get everything moved quickly in a matter of hours, but as is usually the case with complicated endeavours such as this there were complications. The Stevie move went smoothly, but Charlie, Johnny, and Cody caused us quite a bit of issues. Everything seems to be resolved now.

Big thanks go out to Ashoat, the founder of Heliohost, for traveling nearly 3000 miles to move the servers, and take the first steps towards setting up our new server. Many thanks also go out to the Hurricane Electric technicians who provided us with plenty of tireless on-site assistance working out the kinks in the three malfunctioning servers. Last but not least thanks go out to the Heliohost community for making this all possible. If it wasn't for our users we wouldn't exist at all let alone be upgrading and expanding our services.

Let us know if you have questions, and as always thanks for being a part of the Heliohost community.

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