Servers Moved
The servers have all been moved to Heliohost's new location. The Heliohost admin's are the only ones with access to the new locked cabinet so this increases our data security even more than it was before when we were using a shared space. This new cabinet is also seven times larger than our old location so it will give us plenty of space to continue growing in the future.

Stevie is now doing some preventative maintenance since we were rebooting all the servers anyways. Stevie should be up after that maintenance is done which could be around an hour. Cody is already back online and running great. Johnny should be up soon. As usual you can expect higher than usual load on Johnny for a while following this reboot.

We are all really excited about this upgrade, and we'll keep you updated as events unfold. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a part of the Heliohost community.

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